> Alright, forget my message unless it is just to confirm that the automatic
> process for adding Mech layers to printouts is broken. I found the
> work-around by adding the layers within the individual drawing prints
> the Browse PCB Print.
> Hi all,
> now I believe a fair while ago I had seen references on the
> listserver to bugs in the print servers for P99SE. Does this possibly
> include a bug that does not allow mechanical layers to be added to all
> plots? If not, in Final Plots, how do you get the "Layers To Add When
> Creating Plots" to work after selecting/checking the mech layers that I
> added to my plot? I have tried checking any number of these mechanical
> layers and they never seem to get added to my plots. I have rebuilt and
> re-processed the plots.
> Brad Velander

Printing can be undertaken using either the Power Print Server or the "old
fashioned" way. When using the Power Print Server, it is possible to add to,
or remove, layers from the list of those (layers) which will be printed with
each Printout definition that has been created within a Printout
Configuration file. There is a dialog box which can be used to select which
Mechanical layers will be included in Printout definitions. But the layers
so selected apply only *after* these have been set up, and as such, are not
applied "retrospectively" to any currently/previously defined set of

When using the "old fashioned" procedure (the PCB:SetupPrinter Process
invokes the "Printer Setup" dialog box, which is of a "base camp" nature in
this regard), there are problems associated with selecting which Mechanical
layers have their contents included in printouts of a "Final Mode" nature,
and there are also problems associated with including any Mechanical layers
in printouts of a "Composite Mode" nature.

In that regard, a PcbAddon server which I have released incorporates
Processes in which the associated dialog boxes *do* work as envisaged; this
server also supports configuring printouts of a Composite Mode nature using
parameters (so avoiding the invocation of the associated dialog box). If you
have some reason for wanting to use the "old fashioned" method, then you
should consider downloading a copy of this Server. As advised in a recent
post, I have provided one version (the original of this) for use with SP5,
and another (more recent) version for use with SP6. (If appropriate, email
me for URLs for acquiring these Servers, but I did provide the associated
details in a fairly recent posting.)

I would not be too surprised if the "old fashioned" procedure was no longer
supported *at all* in the next major version of Protel. As it is, with the
current SP (SP6), and at least some of the previous SPs (for Protel 99 SE),
Final Mode printouts from the Drill Drawing and Drill Guide plotlayers are
no longer supported, and that is also the case for (Pen) Plotter printouts
of either Final Mode or Composite Mode nature. (In other words, you have to
use the Power Print server to produce printouts from the Drill Drawing or
Drill Guide layers, and if you want to produce any penplots, you have to
install and then select an appropriate printer driver.)

Geoff Harland.
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