I am curious, why do you make outputs passive? That would undo any
checking for shorted outputs which I do see from time to time. Especially
when designers are using new devices, particularly with large pin counts and
complex functions.
        I use outputs for outputs, open collector, HIZ, etc. depending on
the exact pin type, IO for bi-directional or multipurpose pins. This way I
can use the ERC matrix to it's full capabilities for each job. When I get
the common listing of IO pins possibly conflicting with other outputs, etc.,
I take it to the firmware guys and have them sign-off on it to assure they
have properly configured those IO pins to avoid any collisions. This also
gives the firmware guys an opportunity to review that they have configured
all their IO pins correctly during initialization, you would be amazed at
the number of times I have found that they haven't.


Brad Velander
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I think that in schem if the pin number is null (blank) then the pin
name will be used in the netlist, no?
If both are filled out then the pin number is used.

I agree the ERC is useful, but as you point out there is a lot of
potential hassles with the pin types (input, output, etc.), namely
outputs shorted together that you do want shorted, likewise powers.  
Since I am most often looking for hanging inputs or open power pins to
simply things (and consequently perhaps reducing the potential
effectiveness of the ERC) I generally make power 'input', inputs
'input', outputs often passive.
not perfect, but it has sped me up without problems (yet....)

Dennis Saputelli

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