The Protel autorouter is unfortunately not as powerful and
flexible as most of us would like. I have not specifically tried to do what you
require, but my feeling is that it may be difficult to configure the router to
behave in the way you want. I think in particular it will be hard to arrange for
the autorouter to leave you with a few connections that can be completed by a
short wire link on the top layer.

There is not a way to directly set a routing priority that is layer specific.
You can only set priorities in Protel for Nets, Net Classes, From-To's and
From-To Classes. The same is true for Routing Layers. You could try assigning
certain nets that you feel will need a top layer connection to be allowed to use
top and bottom layers with all other nets only allowed to use the bottom layer.

If I was faced with a task like yours I would either route it by hand, or if it
was particularly large then I would set up Specctra to produce a bottom layer
only routing result then hand clean up anything it could not route or that
became un-naturally long because of a single layer restriction.


Rob Malos,
Cyborg Design.

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