> placement. When printing
> out it would be nice to enlarge the the schematic on those or for that
> matter any sheet. Right now
> I'm copying to WORD stetching the object and printing out enlarged
> of a design.I've turned
> off copy template to clipboard but no help. Any ideas would be
> Gene Silvernail

If you have Adobe Acrobat, select a suitably large printing scale (e.g.
141%, 200%, ...), and "print" your schematic file to an Acrobat file. This
will create a file with multiple pages. Then print *just* the page
containing the component(s) you want printed. For a particular situation,
you will typically need to play around with scales and margins before you
get it "right", but that is one way, albiet less than straight forward.

Alternatively, once again assuming you have Acrobat, "print" to a one page
(Acrobat) file. Then use Acrobat's "cropping" feature to select just the
component(s) you want to print. Then select the "Fit to page" option before
printing the now-cropped page. (And next time you print from Acrobat,
remember to *uncheck* that option again! :) Alternatively, given that the
last "Fit to page" checkbox setting is saved, I then attempt to "print" the
cropped page to *another* Acrobat file (with that setting *unchecked*). That
procedure is not supported, but it does mean that I don't have to worry
about that (checkbox) setting still being checked the next time I attempt to
print an Acrobat file "for real".)

Protel does not (yet) provide a Power Print Server for printing schematic
files. Given a choice in the matter, my preference would be for enhanced
printing capabilities for PCB files over the same for schematic files, and
that is in fact the staus quo. But it is not out of the question that Protel
would also provide enhanced printing capabilities for schematic files if
sufficiently many users asked for this.

Geoff Harland.
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