> I posted a couple of weeks ago regarding ERC and its lack of reporting on
> unmatched ports and sheet entries, to find that a) this is a problem and
> people solve it by using other scopes.
> I'm now interested in writing a script to drill through the hierarchy and
> match up the ports with corresponding entries and report unmatched
> instances. I think I can see how to navigate around the hierarchy, but can
> anyone tell me how to get all the port names on a sheet (and sheet entry
> names on a sheet symbol)?
> Drew Lundsten

Someone else may contradict me, but AFAIK, it is not possible to implement
what you are hoping to achieve with the use of a Basic macro.

However, it is almost certainly possible to create an addon server
containing a process which would achieve your objective.

But, ... , that path requires the developer to download the SDK files
released by Protel, and the two updates also released for these. The
developer also needs to have a copy of Delphi 5, and the awareness of how to
use both that and the SDK files provided by Protel.

I speak as someone who has downloaded the files provided by Protel and
acquired a copy of Delphi 5, but who has only *some* understanding of how to
use that and Protel's SDK files.

At present, I have no experience in "navigating" a project hierarchy, but I
could probably gain some insight into how to do that by studying examples of
source code provided by Protel (with the SDK files).

Consequently, the bottom line is that I probably could assist you, but
because of my current level of understanding, I would not be in a position
to produce a suitable addon server within a short period of time. But other
members of this forum might be in a better position to provide assistance.

Another possibility is to save your schematic files in ASCII format, and
write a script (Perl, for instance) which parses the contents of each file
and subsequently generates a report. If you have experience in doing work of
this kind, that may be another way to achieve the outcome you are looking
for. (It would not be as user-friendly to apply, and would be more time
consuming, but it would be one way to check your schematic files.)

So what you are looking for could be achieved; it is a question of how much
development effort (and on-the-job learning) would be required.

Geoff Harland.
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