Hello World,

(Protel 99SE, SP6)

I have some strange situations with the DRC check in PCB. I have a 'routing'
rule 'Routing Via Style'.
The scope of the rule is 'Whole Board', the attributes set some limits on
the size of the via and the hole.

If i do some manual routing then the preferred sizes are used, this is the
expected situation.

But now the problem, after changing the properties of the via to a size wich
is outside the rule limits there is no warning from DRC report.

The rule is enabled and in the Report tab of the Design Rule Check dialog I
have enabled all the checkboxes. The report file shows no problems, it tells
that it has processed 'Clearance Constraint' rules and some other rules but
I can't find any line wich has to do with the via rule.

The next thing I tried was exporting the rules.

Design Menu, Rules, Click the Button 'Menu' at the bottom of the dialog and
then choose 'Report Rules.

First I did a report with al the checkboxes marked. A snip of the report is

Used Rules :
      Enabled = Yes    Name = Width_1
             Scope = Board
             Minimum = 13mil
             Maximum = 50mil
             Preferred = 13mil
             Rule Followed By Router

     Enabled = Yes    Name = RoutingVias_1
             Scope = Board
             Min H. Size = 28mil
             Max H. Size = 28mil
             Pref. H. Size = 32mil
             Min Width = 50mil
             Max Width = 50mil
             Pref. Width = 162mil
             Style =
             Rule Followed By Router

The first rule in the above snip is not a problem, if I have a track width
of 10 mil or 100 mil then it is reported in the DRC report.
I don't know why the via rule doesn't work

Then I noticed a second strange situation. If I do a rule report with the
following settings:

  Sections:    only the 'Used Rules' checked
  Rule types: all check boxes marked

then I get a very short report file with the text:

Protel Design System Design Rule Check
PCB File : Elektronics\SGM9230\Copy of SGM9230.PCB
Date     : 1-Mar-2001
Time     : 17:25:34

Used Rules :
Total Used Rules : 0

Time Elapsed        : 00:00:00

Very strange I think, maybe someone can help me.

For me the working hours are done for this day, I will go home now and hope
that Protel users at the other side of the world will solve my problem while
I am sleeping  :-))

Aalt Lokhorst (e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED])

          Schut Geometrische Meettechniek bv
          Duinkerkenstraat 21
          9723 BN  Groningen, The Netherlands
          tel. +31 50-5877877
          fax. +31 50-5877899

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