For your info, Protel support have now been able to reproduce this problem.
So it must depend upon some other setting in EDA client, as it does not
always occur. Thanks.

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From: Thomas 
Sent: Thursday, 1 March 2001 6:05 PM
Subject: New document process problem (longish)

I have been having trouble explaining a problem with 99se sp6 to Protel
support and was wondering if anyone here could corroborate my findings:

I have been able to reproduce it on both win98 AND NT4 machines. So here we

1) create a button on the "Schematic Tools" toolbar with the following

Process Client:CreateNewDocument
Parameters      SingleDocument=True | DocumentType= sch | $Description=New
schematic document
Bitmap  Whatever you want here <- don't type that!!!

2) Open any project that has a schematic document in it.

3) Open any schematic document.

4) Now press the 'New Schematic Document' button.

The new document (eg. Sheet1.doc) behaves as if it is not part of the

Sure it's shown in the project explorer as part of the project, but look at
the document tabs at the top of the window.

If the Sheet1.doc window is maximised then no other open document tabs are
visible along the top row of the window. 

Likewise if you move to the schematic that you opened originally, and
maximise it, you can no longer see Sheet1's tab.

Click on the 'Documents' folder in the project explorer, look at the tabs
above the document window, where is Sheet1.doc? It's open so where is it?
Look at Sheet1.doc's size - 0kb ??? 

This behaviour disappears after saving, closing, and reopening the project,
Sheet1.doc then has a size of about 1kb. Very odd.

Any one else reproduce this problem?


Tom L

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