The Protel Users file area has a new server.

This server allows you to set the testpoint state of selected pads and 
vias.  There is no on-line help so keep this email if you want to use it. 
(Geoff Harland please don't hassle me about this - you are good at 
documenting your servers I am not.)  Stop Press: Copy of this email is 
included in the zip file - there you go what more could you want.

File can be downloaded at:


Only one process:


and only one parameter:
TestpointAction which can be one of ClearAll, Both, BottomOnly or TopOnly.


Note that only selected pads and vias are changed.  Pads that are part of a 
component are changed if selected.  If you have a pad which is, say, set to 
a bottom testpoint and it is selected - running the server with 
TestpointAction=TopOnly will *not* clear the bottom testpoint 
status.  Think in terms that the server is checking the Top testpoint 
checkbox only and leaving the other alone.

Why did I spend the time? Protel does not allow global operations on the 
testpoint status - why do they do this to us?  Every new attribute and we 
have to go cap in hand pleading for global operations to apply to it.  This 
is a quick hack to allow me to set the testpoint status on the pads of my 
testpoint components.  (Note to Protel - please allow global operations on 
all attributes - or at least explain in the docs why you can't.)


Extract the files to a suitable location - somewhere near your P99SE 
install would be smart - maybe make an Addon folder below the main P99SE 
folder.  Run P99SE, click the Client menu (you know the arrow next to the 
file menu), click Servers, right click in the list of servers and select 
Install, navigate to the SetSelectedPadsAsTestpoints.ins file and away you 

(2nd note to Protel - I am going to start to charge $1 for every word I use 
in trying to explain what and where the Client menu is.  I recently checked 
to see if I could change it by customising it into a word - no luck.  The 
arrow sucks!  Give us a word!)

Add it to some menu using the usual Customisation methods.

Good luck,


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