At 09:52 AM 4/2/01 -0500, Ted Tontis wrote:
>         I would like to move a component that has tracks attached to it. I
>would like to move them at the same time. I am trying to avoid replacing all
>the tracks and vias. Is this possible, has anyone tried this? I would
>appreciate any help that I could get.

Others have point out how to drag components and tracks. But I'm not sure 
this is what Mr. Tontis wants to do. Dragging typically makes a big mess.

Has Mr. Tontis noticed that selected objects will move together?

In case that is the problem, it won't hurt to write a primer on selecting 

There are many methods of selecting an object.

(1) One may double-click on object to pull of the edit dialog and check the 
selection box. One also has a choice to do this globally at this point.

(2) One may enclose a set of objects by making a selection box 
(left-mouse-press & hold on one corner and then move cursor to the other 
corner and release).

(3) One may shift-left-mouse-click on the object.

(4) One may use one of the Edit/Select commands.

(5) One may use Edit/Query Manager to make complex global selections.

But the most common and usually the fastest and certainly the most flexible 
are steps (2) and (3).

To select multiple objects by making cumulative selections, make sure that 
Tools/Preferences/Extend Selections is checked. Otherwise selecting 
something by some of the methods above will deselect everything else.

Any discussion of selection in Protel is incomplete without this:

When preparing to move a set of selected objects, *always* deselect all 
(X-A will do it) before making the selections, or use X-O and surround the 
objects you want to move as in method 2. This will ensure that you have no 
selected objects outside the ones you want to move. Failing to do this is 
the major cause of objects being outside the workspace, which can drive you 
crazy until you realize what is happening. For example, the autorouter may 
crash or simply refuse to do anything when attempting to route a board with 
objects outside the workspace.

(A sure sign that there is something outside the workspace is that the box 
that appears when you are moving complex selections or are moving even 
small selections quickly enough that screen redraw can't keep up with you 
will go off-screen.)

To remove such objects, use Edit/Select/Outside to select any objects 
outside everything you see in the workspace. For some reason, the delete 
key will not delete these objects until they are inside the workspace. 
Would that it did, though I prefer to see what I am deleting: it might be 
some important part of my design, though usually it isn't. Move Selection 
should do it, or you can place a pad, select it, and move it, which will 
carry all the outside objects with it so you can move them into the 
workspace and then delete them.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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