Hi all,

Using 99SE-SP5 on win98.

I wonder if anyone out there can identify what my problem is.  As I have
never used complex hierarchy in Protel prior to this I am not sure - in
spite of reading everything I believe is relevant in help - just what to
expect as a result.

Have had no trouble with standard simple hierarchy and have used it often.

I have a basic 2 sheet schematic - a master & a simple module.  The master
sheet references 27 copies of the module schematic (create symbol from
sheet) and each module requires unique port (symbol I/O) references to be
daisy-chained together in a systematic way on the master sheet to complete
an electrically accurate drawing.

My understanding is that when complex-simple menu option is selected from
the master sheet, that child copies are made of the referenced modules and
given unique names to flatten the hierarchy.  Protel does something (hour
glass for a second or so) but I have no idea what - no complaints whatsoever
and no extra files are created Nor do any changes appear in the master

I also understand that in addition I must re/annotate the entire design and
ensure that the various net & port scoping options are set correctly.

So - current outcome is that ERC reports 3 or "Multiple Net Identifiers"
errors and gives up.
The implication is that the "flatten" utility is simply not working - at

I have spent 4 hours experimenting with various switches and even rebuilding
the master sheet 2 different ways to see if anything would point to the
problem - no luck.

What's the magic formula anyone? I would be most grateful if anyone can help
me with this problem.

I would be glad to attach my schematics (20K zipped) except I am not sure
what the current 'rules' are with respect to attachments to postings in this
forum.  Anyone who wants I will send.


While on this subject, I have 'taped up' - that should date me - the PCB art
for the repeated module.  How do I avoid many hours of work (AutoRoute is
out of the question) by using this in a regular step & repeat fashion so
that I easily get a full match with the netlist and all component
designators of the design's schematics.  Is back annotate helpful here?

Again, thanks in advance for any hints.

Jim Parr (for ITB Consulting Ltd.)

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