Hi Drew,

I have also been doing the same as you recently and it certainly is difficult to 
administer. We have a similar approach to yours but with  a difference. We have 
experimented with user permissions but haven't really used it properly except for the 
common library. Based on our experiance this is my suggestion to you.

Since it is possible to move libraries from one ddb to another (if they are both open 
on the same workstation, drag and drop from one ddb to another), I suggest that each 
user has his own user library ddb and then have a seperate common 'read-only' library 
which is updated periodically making sure that the new component symbols have the 
right pcb footprint called up. If a new footprint is required then the user can 
generate one when the component symbol is generated, making sure the name given for 
the footprint is not already used in the common footprint library. Updating the common 
library should be done by one designated person who will need to be careful to verify 
that the new components that are added to the comman library are correct in all thier 

When updating the common library, both the common ddb snd the user ddb are opened and 
the libraries are D&D from the user to to common library. This will make a copy of the 
user ddb library in the common ddb. Then each new part in the copy of the 'user' 
library can be moved to an appropriate library in the common ddb, first checking and 
if need be, modifying, to ensure its compatibility and correctness. When all the new 
parts are moved over, the copy of user library can be deleted. 

This is the way I do it and it seems to work well. We did try modifying the common 
library directly but this often resulted in work being lost because of multiple users 
working on the comman library ddb.

I hope this helps

Posted from Association web site by: Tim Coleman

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