I've found that there is a significant issue with cache as it relates to
parts by the same name. The software looks in cache first for a part name
and if it finds it there, that is the part it will recognize and place.
Never mind that the part may have been altered in the library since it was
loaded into the .pcb (as well as cache). Since the is not currently a way
"flush cache", I've found that you are best off to make certain that there
are not 2 components with the same name.

My only thought on configuring your libs the way you are looking to, is to
set up separate .ddb's as opposed to folders within a single .ddb.


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Hi folks,

I'm trying to set up a company library .ddb using the Design Team feature;
the goal is to give each designer their own private folder for parts they've
created or are working on, and to have a read-only library into which the
individually created parts are placed when a board/footprint/schematic is
released. A user has no privileges (all permissions unchecked) with respect
to another user's library.

The permissions stuff seems to work partially; users can't open the .ddb and
read or edit another person's libraries, but they can view the contents of
the "released" libraries (for which they have read permissions enabled). The
problem I have is when users Add the company library .ddb to their PCB or
Schematic libraries list, all of the libraries in the .ddb are visible, even
the ones with no permissions enabled. However, when a user tries to Edit a
component in someone else's library from the Browse PCB tab, they are forced
to log into the .ddb and unless they log in as Admin, the edit can't be
saved. So that much works as expected.

Anyone know how I structure the permissions so that the "uncontrolled"
libraries aren't visible? My main concern here is that when a user creates a
new PCB and imports footprints from the company library, if some other user
has a different footprint of the same name in their personal library (i.e.
left over from a prior design review) there's apparently no way to guarantee
the footprint import will come from the company library and not a personal
(uncontrolled) library.

Any thoughts/advice welcomed...


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