The situation where it helps most, for us, is on large backplane designs.
Consider a 20-slot backplane, each slot having a few hundred connections,
many of which are identical (AD31) and others which are unique (RST#_35) but
need to be tied together somewhere, and we do it on the first schematic
sheet. It's easy to make each individual sheet, since they're basically
copies, but when we end up tying together all the RST#_nn lines I want to
see that in the netlist as RST#_CPUOUT rather than some random slave slot's
net label.

Only Ports Global might be a better scope, but we'd still have to figure out
how to assert one net name over another, wouldn't we?

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On 02:45 PM 2/05/2001 -0700, Drew Lundsten said:
>A quickie, I hope:
>When (intentionally) using multiple net names in a schematic, I have often
>wanted to force the choice of one net name over another in the netlist
>(usually with a Nets and Ports Global scope), while leaving all net labels
>there in order to add some legibility to the design. Is there a way to
>control this?
>Drew Lundsten    <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>             direct  +1.858.882.8828
>Continuous Computing Corporation                fax  +1.858.777.3388
>9380 Carroll Park Dr, San Diego 92121          cell  +1.619.847.4251


Protel does not officially support multiple netnames - it just seems to
choose one of them.  Possibly the first it comes to and this may be related
to the sheet order issue mentioned before (that affects the print out
order).  Others may have done more experimentation.

As a work around, you could make all but the desired netlabels annotations
rather than a netlabel.  You get the advantages of formatting your Sch as
you wish but without the multiple netnames disadvantage.  Of course you
need to put the real netlabel on every connection.  You would be defining
one net name and using annotations to simply document additional
information as you wish.

I have a question though - how does multiple netnames and a scope of Nets
and Ports Global make a sch more legible?

Ian Wilson

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