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>     I wonder if it's possible after creating a lot of duplicates, you 
> could export all the copied parts fields into a spread sheet, in the 
> spread sheet, import & past over the fields from you supply data base 
> directly into Protel's spread sheet and make a whole bunch of components 
> at once.

Unfortunately, I see no spreadsheet export from the Schematic Library 
editor. I'd expect there to be another relatively easy way, but it is 
blocked. The ASCII database form of the schematic libraries does not 
include the necessary fields.

Protel's Group facility follows the OrCAD path. In fact, the ASCII library 
is either compatible with older OrCAD schematic libraries, or it is close; 
it may depend on OrCAD version. The OrCAD groups -- and thus the Protel 
groups -- are really just aliases, nothing more. The parts, in the library, 
are identical except for their names; if one edits one of them, including 
the text fields, one is editing all of them simultaneously.

Another path, through the schematic editor and the MakeProjectLibrary 
command, is blocked because it ignores the data which one might want to 
take back into the Schematic Library editor. I also verified that certain 
key fields cannot be modified in the spreadsheet editor and taken back into 
the schematic. In particular, the Type field (Part Field 1) is like this, 
but also the Symbol name.

Basically, the only way I can see to modify library symbol data is to 
manually edit it for each part. This is not satisfactory.

Perhaps I have overlooked something.

So the only way I would know to get at the library data so that one could 
import data from another source would be through a server for that purpose 
-- a library/database server --, or, what would be less convenient, an 
offline utility that translated symbol data into a tab-delimited database, 
from whence it could easily be taken into Excel, and then the modified data 
could be written back as tab-delimited and then rewritten as a library (or 
merged with an existing library file to replace fields).

It is irritating to not know what is coming in SP7 and Protel 2001 or 
whatever they are going to call it. If we knew that Protel was not going to 
provide a data path into the libraries we might do this.

As I recall, someone has written a program which will do what is needed at 
the schematic level. This, however, is not library-based control, which 
would be much superior.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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