On 11:44 AM 17/07/2001 -0700, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:

>>I've never seen ANY automated (re)annotation work 100%, and judging by 
>>some of the list traffic it looks like Protel isn't "all that" either. 
>>Sorry to knock it, but I am automatically skeptical when I see broad 
>>subjective claims like "powerful synchronizer".
>The Synchronizer is indeed a powerful tool, but it has to have something 
>to work with. There is a process, when first synchronizing, to match 
>schematic and PCB parts, and that may be a help. But it may be easier to 
>just use manual edits.

Thinking about what you wrote here,  Abdulrahman, I though that the 
"manual" process you mentioned may in fact be easiest done in the 
grid-based component match dialog that pops up when an unsynch'ed Sch/PCB 
pair are first synch'ed.  If the user is having to go about editing 
designators to match by massed of double clicking and panning - this might 
be easier done in the grid-based component match dialog. Remember that 
during this manual matching process the designators do not have to match - 
it is only the initially offered suggestion of the synchronizer - you are 
free to change any initial matches.

By having printouts of the Sch and PCB - it will be easy to go manually 
make the match between Sch and PCB - I would suggest that if the Sch is the 
most correct then start with Update PCB from the Sch editor.  Once this is 
done then macros will be generated that will consist of lots of 
designator/footprint and comment changes - if the PCB has the correct 
footprints, you can turn off the generation of footprint change macros by 
de-checking the relevant check box.  Make sure you Preview Changes in the 
synchronizer so you see all the macros that are generated. You can then 
delete those macros that you do not want.  Running the process back the 
other way (Update Sch) will help get the footprints correct in the 
Sch.  Make sure you Preview Changes and this time check the update 
footprints check box.

Note that the initial suggested match is done by designator - if, in the 
component match dialog you see an initial (suggested) list of matched 
components (on the right grid) - this will have been done by 
designator.  You can unmatch any of these you wish and re-match as required.

By using the sycnchronizer you will be able to match dissimilar designators 
it a simple fashion (through the hidden handles).  Once this is done the 
mechanics of synching designators, comments and footprints is simple enough.

If you have a Sch/PCB pair with poor and incorrect matching between the 
hidden Synch handles this can be cleared by selecting all of the PCB 
(Select-All, making sure all layers are on) and copying and pasting to a 
new PCB file.  then run the Sch Update PCB process against the copied 
PCB.  I would suggest you make a reliable backup copy of all files and the 
DDB before embarking on any of the above - at least until you are familiar 
with the process (and if I was faced with the above situation, I would 
backup everything before, even though I am quite familiar with the synch'er).

>Once the reference designators match then you can work on the footprints. 
>I don't have the process in mind at the moment to take manually picked 
>footprints back to the schematic, if that is what you want to do. You 
>don't have to do this, but it can make later work simpler.
>Abdulrahman Lomax

I think I would agree with an (implied) suggestion from Abdulrahman that 
your work practice could be modified and save yourself a lot of pain.  If 
you keep the Sch and PCB synch'ed throughout the design, I think you will 
find the design flow much better. If you use the Synchronizer it is 
important that you make the component matches correctly - the is initially 
done by designator.

Ian Wilson

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