I just got burned again on something I knew but forgot
re SP6 (and earlier)

Things get screwy if you move a ddb to a different directory or copy to
a new filename, etc.

In my case I moved L146A.DDB to a new sub.

Later I rev'd the schematic, made a new netlist, stepped the pcb to PCB3
(from PCB2)
went to load the netlist and the OLD netlist loaded (there is only one
file so it must have been the 'internal' one)
the whole PROTEL window popped over to another app and then came back
with TWO DDBs open in the design explorer
both called L146A.DDB
I checked and there is only one such file on the drive

the second DDB in the tree had all the old files and the other one had
the new files

went to the drop list to select the desired net and it showed TWO L146A
as source DDBs
tried to load the new external netlist but it kept loading the old one
even though it nominally didn't exist since I had overwritten it
(there was only one net file, I didn't step the name)

in the meanwhile protel kept jumping to other apps then back with the
second dupe DDB even after I closed it

eventually the problem went away but I have no idea why

obviously there is an internal reference to the exact path of the DDB
and if that changes it is not happy at all

I would suggest until they fix this stupid mess that instead of moving
or copying DDB's always create a fresh one in the desired location and
drag the files into that from the other one

Dennis Saputelli

www.integratedcontrolsinc.com            Integrated Controls, Inc.    
   tel: 415-647-0480                        2851 21st Street          
      fax: 415-647-3003                        San Francisco, CA 94110

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