I believe CDs only have a finite life also. Does anyone know how long?

PS: Ivan, what was the sci fi book :-)?

Colin Weber
Varian Australia P/L

At 05:14 PM 26/07/2001 -0400, you wrote:
> > It should be noted that the Protel ASCII format is not only text based,
> > it is self-documenting. All the records and fields are named wherever they
> > occur. The library format is binary only, but one could import parts to a
> > PCB file and then create a library from the PCB file.
>True, but I think the reason for the gripe is that Protel files are not
>native ASCII.  To get ASCII, you have to export files, an extra step that
>has to be done after each change to the original binary file.
>I agree with Chris that Protel's native file format should be ASCII.  Back
>in the days when we were using 286 PCs, the faster and smaller binary file
>formats made the difference between snappy and sluggish.  Anyone remember
>OrCad SDT III where you had to compose and decompose the libraries?  OrCad
>was fast, fast, fast, but used native binary formats.  Nowadays with
>stratospheric CPU clocks and RAM sizes, it is less of an issue.  The EXEs
>are 10 times the size of the board data!
>Board data should be native ASCII because years later when someone wants you
>to resurrect or modify an old design, you have data that you can read
>without the program that created it.  You probably won't have that old
>program years from now!  Even if you do, will it run on the computer you
>have then?  I recently read a science fiction book set in the present time
>where one the characters in the story printed on paper anything he wanted to
>save for the future.  I thought this was hilarious until the next paragraph,
>where he explained that paper records lasted longer than disk data (true)
>and would always be compatible with future eyeballs (also true).  We have
>some floppies from late 80's/early 90's that are not readable anymore due to
>magnetic decay.  But we have plenty of paper office records from that time
>that are still quite readable!
>Best regards,
>Ivan Baggett
>Bagotronix Inc.

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