On 03:01 PM 8/6/2001 -0400, Mike Reagan wrote:
>My only concerns for the Protel namebrand being diluted and migrated into
>one package with Accel under the Altium Brand name.    It makes abosolutely
>no sense to have overlapping products with the lowest price product being
>superiour.   As an example  Cadence will use Orcad ( an excellent, but not
>profitable product for Cadence) to get a saleman in the door then sell
>Cadence (more expensive) package.   We have already seen some migration of
>the Accel product into Protel with the Auto RFQ which went over like a lead
>balloon. Accel has alot of useless addon like this ( added at a cost).   I
>am not bucking progress, but it was the Protel namebrand that made this
>comapny reach the levels where it is today.  This is like PADS changing
>thier most recognized name, or Kleenex becoming nosewipes.   I credit Mr.
>Nick Martin for building his company into a world class  software
>compititor. I trust he knows what he is doing or the major stockholders do.

1) The press release at the new corporate site appears worded expressly to allay those 
fears, though I must agree w/you in spirit, as I've seen too many companies play this 
card, then quietly obsolete product lines and/or "merge" competing products.

2) As for who's who, I read the board page, and from the (brief) profiles offered, and 
my unnaturally suspicious mind, it seems to me that there are others, specifically 
Kayvan Oboudiyat (Joint CEO/Secr.), Darren Charles (CFO), and William Bartee  (Non-ex 
Director), who are more likely pushing this expansive movement. Decide for yourself... 

On the other side of the coin, there's a point that can be made that the moves Altium 
has initiated will serve to provide long-term health for the company, thereby 
providing a more sound long-term investment for its customers. 

However, iff the company doesn't ALSO put some cash into shaking out the age-ed PEDA 
superstructure's ?kernel(s)? to do away with long-standing, recurrent problems, (video 
"oddities", Delphi-driven resource hogging, low correlation between the suite's 
editors, etc.), my gut says #1 is a high likelihood event, somewhat a concern to me, 
because it seems like Altium is leaning towards more of a dividend-driven company than 
product-driven, much as I understand corporate realities, IMO a dangerous trend for a 
tech-market company.


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