> Is there any way to make lost polygon fills visible? Or delete them?
> By lost I mean that 'connect to net' and 'remove dead copper' were
> for a polygon fill and through updating, or copying from one design to
> another, the net name has been removed, and so the polygon disappears.
> Although it is still 'there' as I am still asked to repour it if I 'select
> all' objects in the pcb workspace and move the selection slightly.
> I hope this is not clear as mud.
> Tom.

It helps if you have some idea of "where" each polygon is.

If you know that, you can double-click within an area where a non-visible
polygon is occupied, and hopefully a dialog box associated with that polygon
will then be invoked. You can then change that polygon's properties, so that
after it is subsequently repoured, it will then be visible. So permitting
you to then delete this or edit its properties further as required.

That still doesn't deal with "phantom" polygons, e.g those with less than
three vertices. If all else fails, save and export in ASCII format, edit
that (ASCII) file (which is reasonably self-documenting), then import the
thus-modified PCB file again. (Until you are happy with the integrity of the
thus modified PCB file, keep a backup copy of the original PCB file, just in

Veterans of AdvPcb 2.8 can tell horror stories about polygons in that
version; these could "disappear" from the PCB file in some situations, while
leaving their associated primitives (tracks and arcs) behind. That is one of
a number of reasons why I would hate to ever have to use that version

Geoff Harland.
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