Are you sure it's not an Autocad "issue"?  I have never had good success
with bringing anything DXF into Autocad.  That is one of those features that
Autocad doesn't really want to support, but they can't leave it out because
it's an important item on marketing material.

When I say "never had good success", that doesn't mean complete failure.
The problem is that Autocad is too picky about DXF entities and their
position in the DXF file.  Rather than accept everything that's good, it
throws away everything at the first thing it doesn't like.  Well, at least
Autocad LT95 does (that's what I have).  A workaround I have used in old
times with Protel 3.X DXF output is:

1)  When in Autocad, create a new blank drawing.
2)  Draw one line.
3)  Delete that line.
4)  Import the DXF.

This workaround was used to get Autocad LT95 to load the Protel 3.X DXF
without choking on it.  You might try to see if it works to import your DXF
without rotating part text.  It probably won't work, but with modern
software, you never know until you try it!

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

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Subject: [PEDA] DXF anomoly

> Has anyone noticed that a DXF export of a PWB print can rotate part text
> locations ? I am doing up an assembly drawing in AutoCAD and this anomoly
> going to have me up to my neck in .... over diode polarity orientations.
> drawing will differ from the board and it shouldn't. The DXF export
> as a single drawing, so an attempt at ungrouping to fix/edit this problem
> appeart not to help. To me, this makes the DXF output capability freaking
> useless for assembly drawings at any level. This bug is extremely serious
> me, as I will be forced to live in ECO hell.
> On my earlier SPICE problem, you have to watch were Protel exports it's
> stuff when unripping the .ckt files to a vendor folder. It's supposed to
> appear in the Library\Sim directory under the vendor folder name. The
> internal SPICE model name in the .ckt file must also be identical to the
> thing that is called up in the parts fields. If that info is not there,
> have to go into the DDB source file and edit the info there. It cannot be
> done on the fly in a destination DDB.
> While that is all well and good, now I have vendor SPICE models which are
> reported to be 'too rich' for the simulator and 'too poor', in terms model
> information. I thought SPICE was SPICE, but I guess I am wrong. There may
> a potential need to edit SPICE models on times for querkiness. Anyways, I
> know the subject of the simulator engine has not come up much here. If
> anyone knows of a group discussing these issues, please let me know.
> I guess we are all troubled over product support. At first in the Protel
> buy, it was coming every other month, now it seems dead. E-Gad seems to be
> getting all the attention.
> Fabian Hartery
> Research Engineer
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