sorry, between stepping out to lunch I missed some of the thread...

> I suppose one thing that might be effective is an option in an e-mail
> program to produce a simulated error message that looks like it came from
> the e-mail relay server.  You would have to be able to select a particular
> message(s) in your in-box for error reply.  Then, perhaps, the spammer
> cull invalid e-mail addresses from their lists.  Anyone know how to do

yes... very easy to do....

telnet to port 25 of your smtp server and talk with sendmail-esque server in
plain text...
(from windows dos prompt: telnet 25) (some servers may be wise
to this however or you may have a proxy in the way, your mileage may vary)

you should see something like the following response:

220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.11.6/8.10.1; Tue, 28 Aug 2001 14:58:31 -04
00 (EDT)

notice the 220 code message... these are similar to ftp, http type code

it helps to know the text commands however for sendmail, and it has been
over 10 years since I have done it (before the freakin' web was invented
(something like: sendto, from, OK etc)

make the send to field the spammer of interest
make the from field something like mailer-daemon or what ever your mail
server authority is called
and then you can type in the headers of the emaul address (I call it E-MAUL)

ultimately, it may be good to find out this information by sending an email
to an email address that you does *NOT* exist and see what the mail headers
look like (with the error codes etc)....

ultimately, I think I might write a script to do this based on some of the
spammer killers on the perl site...
(   search for 'spam')

Plus, perl has modules that will do this for you without having to know a
lot of the codes and responses...

I remember the days when crass commercialism was strictly not allowed on the
web.... yeeeesh.... I thought there was supposed to be an internet v2.0 that
only engineers and scientists could use... implementing the joys of IPv6????


"Every Spam is Sacred..."  -- Monty Python?????????  Hell no........

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