Greetings Jon,

I have the missing dot syndrome also with the "default" font , but when I 
use the "san serif" font I get dots again.

Another thing that may be happening if the text is small is that the plotter 
sees dots as a "zero length draw" and some board houses have their plotters 
or front end editor ignore these as they can clutter up a file with lots of 
unneeded data on jobs with polygon pours & etc.

As for the DXF I have not seen that, but you may want to scale the items to 
size and locate all in the positive "quadrant" so protel can draw it before 
creating the DXF. Also generating a DXF with only 4 or 5 place decimal seems 
better than autocad's default of 16 places (somewhere around a micron is 
overkill for PCB work). If you need someone to run the data through AutoCAD 
2000 or Solidworks I can give it a try for you.

Contact me "off-line" at [EMAIL PROTECTED] or [EMAIL PROTECTED] if I can help.

Best regards - Evan Scarborough

>From: "Jon Elson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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>Subject: [PEDA] 2 P99 quirks
>Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 14:08:53 -0500
>I found two small problems with P99 SP5 recently.
>1.  When generating Gerbers, the 'dot' on the small letter 'i' is missing,
>although it is clearly visible in the display.  I went back and examined a
>few existing boards, and the dot is missing on all of them.  This shows up
>clearly on the impoorted Gerber files, as well as on Gerber films produced
>through photoplotters.  (I noteced it because I also use gerber files to
>produce artwork for instrument panel labels.)
>2.  I could not correctly import a DXF file created by other software to 
>I noticed P99 said 'scaling document by 6.4E19' which seemed to be a rather
>extreme scaling factor!  It then said something to the effect of 'document
>primitives outside workspace' and I got a blank document.  (no surprise.)
>Does anyone know how it decides to do a rescaling, and where it gets the
>factor from?

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