On 02:17 PM 6/09/2001 -0700, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
>At 09:10 AM 9/6/01 +1000, Ian Wilson wrote:
>>I am searching (part time) for a better method of maintaining the bug 
>>list.  I am thinking something along the lines of the Bugzilla project as 
>>used by the Mozilla people (http://www.mozilla.org/bugs/).  Or something 
>>What I would like is:
>>1) easy entry and editing (by one or more admin people)
>>2) able to act as store for more than just bugs, also suggestions
>>3) ability to maintain a status on each bug/suggestion - such as fixed 
>>and in what version it was fixed
>>4) more powerful search
>>5) Maybe the ability to accept ongoing comments from users (possibly 
>>moderated) and maintain the thread to allow issues to be 
>>discussed.  (This should not be confused as another mailing list, that is 
>>not the function.)
>>6) ability to include graphics in posts maybe to allow screen shots to be 
>>included - although these could be links to external pages.
>>My problem is I do not know much about Perl/CGI/webby stuff.  So I am not 
>>sure how one would go about installing this, getting the source etc.
>>I am enlisting a couple of people who think they can offer some time and 
>>expertise to help set up a better bug/suggestion tracking system. Frankly 
>>I do not want to get too involved in the nitty gritty apart from 
>>commenting on the solutions that others dig up.  Anyon got the skills 
>>required?  I am not too interested in "I would like to help but have not 
>>got the time".  None of us have.  If you were going to write along those 
>>lines just don't write, thanks.

>Hmmm... Most of the desired qualities are already in place, using the 
>associated list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Not really - mailing lists do not search well, and there is much clicking 
to follow threads.  Editing data and appending new info is messy.   I am 
looking for an independent (of Protel) KB sort of things that allows 
tracking of bugs and suggestions.  This function is not served well by a 
mailing list - moderated or not.  The combination of the Yahoo database and 
the supporting mailing list is workable but not ideal.

The yahoo database function is too limited for what I want.  Grafting on 
additional functionality by linking to mailing lists is a work-around.  As 
we move to a more professional footing I see value in getting the PrU-KB 
into one location (that can be backed up).  with easy edits.  The display 
formatting of the yahoo database is not ideal and has lots of clutter.

Thanks for the comments,

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