Thanks for your help. 
I've got the panelizing sorted out now. Never realised how simple it really was.

Thank You Again

Kevin Blackmore

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> I am currently trying to create an A3 panel of 10 PCB designs I have
> created using Protel99SE. This saves cost by prototyping several PCB
> boards at once.
> When I try to copy and paste the PCB designs using Protel99SE the designs
> lose their connections to the Internal Plane (which I am using as a Ground
> Plane).
> Is there any way around this?
> (I did ask the PCB manufacturers to place these for me as they will have
> the correct tools but they refused as this design is a prototype only.)
> If anybody has any suggestions I would be very greatful to hear them.
> Kevin Blackmore

>From the PCB Menu, select "Edit/Paste Special...". In the resulting "Paste
Special" dialog box, check the checkboxes with captions of "Keep net name"
and "Duplicate designator". (The "Add to component class" checkbox will
automatically be checked as well after doing this, and that is OK.)

When you are subsequently asked if you want polygons to be repoured, answer

Doing this should work, but check your Gerber files afterwards (which you
should do in any case, even when you are not producing a panellised PCB).
Camtastic can be used for this, but I am long accustomed to using GC-Prevue
for this purpose (and this has the advantage of being *totally* independant
of Altium/Protel). Let me know if you continue to have problems.

Geoff Harland.
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