You're right, of course.  Looks like either a bug in the program, or
incorrect documentation (the one sentence there is).  (A copy of this is
going to Protel support.)

On Design | Rules | Other, "Un-connected Pin Constraint" says "Detects pins
that have no connecting tracks."  There's no mention of it mattering whether
or not the pin is listed in a net.  Also, the help file does not document
this rule at all. (It does list the other 2 rules on the "Other" tab.)

I hope Protel support will comment on what they believe this rule is

Dwight Harm
Trax Softworks, Inc.

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I tried that, it finds all unconnected pins (which I have a lot of) and
did  not find a named net with only one connection (just a net name on only
one unused pin).  The single pin net does appear in the netlist (generated
from the pcb), so it isn't flagged as an unconnected pin.


At 11:58 AM 9/18/2001 Tuesday, you wrote:
>This might get you what you want... go to Design | Rules | Other, add
>"unconnected pin constraint" with a scope of Whole Board.  Then on Tools |
>DRC, check "unconnected pins", & you'll get a list of violations for pins
>that have no connecting tracks.
>Dwight Harm
>Trax Softworks, Inc.
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>From: Richard Sumner [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 8:03 AM
>Does anyone know a simple way to find single pin nets on the pcb?  I want
>to find named nets that have only one pin. I can (and do) export the
>netlist from the pcb and look at it, and I really should write a simple
>program to do this, but it would be nice if protel could give me a list of
>single pin nets. I could probably do it on the schematic using the erc, but
>then I would have to put a no erc on all unused pins. That would be a pain
>because I do a lot of pin swapping (fpga's are great!) to simplify routing.
>Any ideas?

Cheesecote Mountain CAMAC
24 Halley Drive; Pomona, NY 10970
845 364 0211,

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