> Can anyone explain to me a way around this problem please?
> on final checking of boards i normally switch to single layer mode check
> each layer in turn (esp silk screen moving designators etc)
> why is it that in single layer mode, when i'm on say the top signal layer,
> the pads still display as a multilayer pad (i have different sizes on
> different layers ie smaller on top) but they still display as if they are
> the bottom and larger.  solder mask is also shown (and i don't want it)

That's the way that Protel has implemented Single Layer Display mode (and
IMO, those are not the biggest shortcomings associated with Single layer
Mode; the display of Solder Mask and Paste Mask layers leaves much to be

If you don't want to see Solder Mask layers, switch these off (from the
"Layers" Tab of the "Document Options" dialog box).

> Also, can anyone tell me how to (if possibly) assign Design/options/Layers
> to a button so that i can have different setups and layer displays/colours
> on a toolbar for when checking bottom silk screen etc.  I understand
> tollbars etc but cannot find the process for these options.
> Rich Thompson

The Process to invoke (to change the visibility of layers) is
Pcb:DocumentPreferences. As one example, you could set up a Shortcut key or
a Toolbar button to toggle the visibility of the Top signal layer; the
parameter to use with that Process would then be "TopSignal=Toggle". You can
specify more than one parameter, e.g. "TopSignal=True|BottomSignal=False";
the | character separates different parameters, and those two parameters
would switch on the Top signal layer and switch off the Bottom signal layer.
(Don't include the quote characters when specifying these parameters; I have
done so above solely to indicate the start and end of the parameter

Protel has provided an AdvPcb.hlp file (in the Help subfolder), and this
documents the Pcb:DocumentPreferences Process (and other Processes provided
by the Pcb Server).

The default menu for the Pcb Server has a "Help/Macros/Layer Sets..." entry,
and selecting that invokes a macro which invokes a dialog box. Study the
text for that macro to get a feel for how to modify (a copy of) this for
your own requirements, or to create your own dialog box. (Or for starters,
create a toolbar containing a number of buttons, each of which either
selects a set of layers you want, or toggles the visibility of a specific

I have provided an addon Server for use with Protel 99 SE, and you can
download that from the Yahoo! website. The URL details are as follows:

Webpage to visit:


File to download from there:


(You might have to be a member of the Yahoo! protel-users Mailing List to be
able to download that file though.)

You need SP6 installed to use that Server, and it could be of interest to
you because it incorporates a Process to facilitate changing the visibility
of layers (via pushbuttons (many of which incorporate an accelerator key)
within a customised dialog box).

Hope this helps. (HTH)

Geoff Harland.
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