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Michael wrote:

> i double-checked that the chips were all the same, that they used
> the same footprint, and that they came from the same library.

I did encounter the same problem in the past. I am not sure about the source
of this behaviour but I think it is the internal cache.
The knowledge base item 1934 tells:

"In Protel 99 all the component attributes' are compared as the components
are being added to the cache, including the component name, graphic and text
fields. If the components are not identical in every detail then both are
included in the cache. This behavior means that in Protel 99 two components
on a sheet can have the same name, but have different graphic and/or text

Now suppose you have a component 'X' used on two schematics. You are working
in one of the schematics, the other schematic is closed for the moment.

During the work you change something in component 'X' in the library, do an
update and then the sheet is 'up to date'.

After the update you realize that there is the second sheet which also needs
an update.
If you open that second sheet then Protel wil detect that the component 'X'
is already in the cache, it has the same name but it is not identical in
every detail because you changed it in the previous step. If I understand
the knowledge base correct then you wil get two items of component 'X' in
the cache.

Try making a project library, maybe you can see that there are two 'same
name' instances of this component.

Which instance will be updated now if you hit the 'Update' button in the
library? The first instance, the second instance or both??? I don't know but
I can imagine that this situation has something to do with your problem

I would like a message from Protel if it creates a second instance of a
'same name' component in the cache. Sometimes it is very good that it is
possible to have 'same named' components in the design. For instance if you
get a schematic from another person. As long as I only work with my own
designs and libraries I don't like it to have different components having
the same name. A warning during the 'File open' would be nice.
It would also be nice to have a option to compare all the components in a
schematic or pcb with the library. This could provide a report to help me
remember wich components need an update if I want to make a new revision of
an old design.

This was my 'Brainstorm', any other suggestions are welcome.

Aalt Lokhorst (e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED])

          Schut Geometrische Meettechniek bv
          Duinkerkenstraat 21
          9723 BN  Groningen, The Netherlands
          tel. +31 50-5877877
          fax. +31 50-5877899

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