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On 03:56 PM 10/2/2001 -0400, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>I'm thinking of upgrading my system pretty soon and wondering which Windows 
>version to go with. I know that NT (now 2000) is the "approved solution", but 
>that cuts out too much of my legacy hardware and software. I've heard things 
>to indicate that ME is a poor choice - is it any better or worse than 95/98? 
>And has anyone yet had enough experience with XP to give any solid yea or nay 
>for that one?

XP Pro (not the consumer level version, is, according to what I've read so far, 
supposed to contain all of the best features of w2k, significantly speedier boot-time, 
plus major improvements in the handling of Win98/ME style gizmos, and a little better 
hardware support, at least for dual-monitor support, if that means anything to you. In 
other words, many, if not all of those picky apps (primarily games) that won't run on 
w2k are supposed to be ready for prime time on XP. Over-all, an improved w2k...Oh, and 
a <cough> snazzy new GUI...woo.woo

However, there are rumors that XP is also contains some questionable technologies that 
could go a long way to making everyone's PC (with XP installed) an open book to anyone 
with the right credentials (Microsoft, the gov, and anyone else Mickey sells that 
right to). Heresay, I suppose, but of some merit, considering that the goverment has 
noticeably dropped their case against Mcikey...

It's a shame you can't wait 3-6 months to see what shakes out.

My own 2c is to purchase your new system from a vendor that will sell you w2k w/an XP 
upgrade coupon, then set your system up for dual-boot between your old w98/ME and the 
w2k O/S, collect your XP disk(s), and wait to install the new O/S until any privacy 
and/or SP issues surface and are addressed during the next few months. (that's what I 
just purchased for my ex-wife a couple of weeks ago. She has w2k now and will upgrade 
when the time is right, but not until then) it's costs a few more sheckles than just 
purchasing w2k or just purchasing XP, but it's worth it, in my view...

I can send you a link for a vendor with the option (w2k w/XP upgrade coupon) I 
described, if you're interested. Let me know via direct mail if so...

If you can't or don't want to go with that option, and IFF you're not concerned by the 
potential threats that Microsoft's new O/S has in it, then go for it.

In any case, go to google (via www.deja.com) and do a little research from the current 
XP user community prior to committing. There's already a large number of posts on the 
topic from Beta users and the like.
Topic 1. "Windows XP privacy"
Topic 2. "Windows XP software support"
Topic 3. "Windows XP hardware support"
you get the picture...They're going to give you a more complete picture than we'll 
probably give for the next few months.

On the subject of forced registration, I'm not sure that's much of a big deal by 
itself, AutoDesk has been using that particular anti-piracy scheme for a couple of 
years already, without much complaint, and I'm sure that there are others as well. 
It's the continuing presence of the software involved that causes me concern.

I'll admit that I personally haven't investigated XP thoroughly, as I'm not in any 
hurry to upgrade my machine, nor have I considered specifying any systems that rely 
solely on it as the O/S as of yet, though I do have enough curiosity to have read 
some, and what I've read is encapsulated above.

Finally, I would agree with Tony on the subject of upgrading hardware. If you're 
seriously considering a move to either w2k OR especially to XP, and if you haven't or 
weren't, (not sure what you meant by a "new system...could mean a new operating system 
or a new Computer system & O/S) please do consider a new computer system for use with 
either of the O/Ses. Older hardware is often a bottleneck with newer O/Ses, even when 
the advertising says otherwise...



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