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On 12:42 AM 5/10/2001 +0100, Stephen Casey said:

>Hello Ian,
>Thanks for the fast response. Indeed, to change one part it would be easier
>to double-click it and edit it. I'm just experimenting with the software at
>the moment, and the update from spreadsheet facility could make my life much
>easier when I need to make lots of changes, so I figured that I'd try it
>out, to see how it worked. I'll investigate the use of processes now (only
>bought the package on Monday!)
>Thanks again.

Yes I thought that the example you gave was just that.

I think you should find the ExportToSpread function at the bottom of the 
Edit menu in the Sch editor.  If not maybe I added it there a long time ago 
in some frenzy of customization.  That is something worth looking into as 
well - customization.  Explore the Client menu (the down arrow to the left 
of the File menu).

Getting to know the quirks of the spreadsheet export is well 
worthwhile.  One thing to remember is that the special hidden handles are 
not preserved between editing sessions.  So keep everything open as you do 
the changes.  One technique I have used is to export to spread and then 
copy all of the spreadsheet to the clipboard and paste into a more capable 
spreadsheet program, do macros and fancy edits and then copy and paste back 
again into the Client Spread window and then update.

The other method of getting odd bulk edits done is to use the ASCII form of 
the Sch and PCBs - and then use a text editor with pattern matching to do 
quite wonderful changes.  This usually requires a manual export from the 
DDB and then re-importing on completion, if you are using the Access DDB 
format (we use the Access DDB format for the convenience but some others 
complain it upsets their auto-version control systems).

Also, if you are new to Protel - make a big effort to learn and understand 
fully the Global search and replace options and fully understand the 
implications of the match by fields and then think how through careful 
selection operations (possibly using the global operations to create 
selections) and other matching you can really speed up your work.

Also, the query manager is an under-utilised resource when working in 

All the best,
Ian Wilson

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