More on the subject of export to Client Spreadsheet/Excel for tabular
edit/update. Hopefully this will clarify for all. 

1. Open the schematic (top level sheet if hierarchical). 

2. Export to spreadsheet--this runs the client spreadsheet creation wizard.

3. Choose All Off, Part, OK, then check the Part fields you want to edit.
Note that read-only fields (Description and Library fields) cannot be
edited, so you may as well not select them. (If this isn't so please educate

4. The wizard finishes and opens the Client SS. Disable cell protection by
unchecking the box in Options|Preferences. Do not close the Client SS or
modify the sch from this point forward. SS column B, titled ObjectHandle, is
the "hidden" link back to the sch objects. You can view it by increasing the
width of column B. It's just a bunch of 64-bit hex values (from GUIDs or
perhaps memory pointers?). The column headings are the object names. 

5. Edit the SS as needed. You can freely sort the rows and columns to make
editing/copying more convenient, as long as the ObjectHandle and column
heading relationships to the data are preserved. To use Excel, click in the
upper left corner of the Client SS to select all. Ctrl-C to copy to
clipboard. Run Excel (with an empty sheet). Click on cell A1. Ctrl-V to
paste. Select all and paste back into the Client SS. Again, rows and columns
do not matter as long as the handles and column headings are preserved.

6. Choose File|Update. Sch is automagically updated with your edits. You can
now save/close the Client SS. 

My only beef is that you have to regenerate the Client SS each time--no way
to re-sync the SS to the database objects.  Or is their?

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>Thank you Doug... that actually sounds like a good 
>work-around. I will try
>- Bill Brooks
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>If you're using the CSV format in conjunction with Microsoft 
>excel, then 
>there's a solution which avoids the need to modify numeric fields:
>If you rename the .CSV file to .TXT and then open the .TXT 
>file in Excel, it
>presents a range of options which includes an option to control the 
>interpretation of each column. If you select "Text" instead of 
>the default 
>"General" then Excel performs no interpretation on the column 
>and "0805" 
>reads in as "0805" rather than "805". With CSV files, there 
>doesn't appear 
>to be an interpretation option.
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>>Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 14:15:50 -0700
>>At 08:25 AM 10/5/01 -0700, Brooks,Bill wrote:
>>>I have had trouble with the spreadsheet tools - they always 
>drop leading
>>>zeros... which is a bother, because we use part numbers with leading
>>>zeros... Guess there's always a fly in the ointment... It 
>makes the tool
>>>useless to me.
>>>- Bill Brooks
>>A common problem with spreadsheet programs....
>>Edit all your part numbers to prefix a non-numeric, non-arithmetic
>>operation character to them. You should be able to do this 
>globally. An
>>apostrophe might do fine, check it out; you could take it out 
>later if you
>>Abdulrahman Lomax
>>Easthampton, Massachusetts USA
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