At 08:31 AM 10/25/01 +1000, Ian Wilson wrote:

>But you may need to be a member of the protel-users group to get access to 
>it.  Jason Morgan of Citel wrote it and gave permission for it to be 
>lodged on the protel-users file space.

Yes, for legal reasons, to protect the copyright of those who post material 
for which they retain legal ownership, we found it necessary to restrict 
access to

to members of the list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

That list is functioning mostly as a back-up list for this (Techserv) list, 
it has about 210 subscribers but almost no traffic. To join,


(content is ignored) and reply to the confirmation mail that yahoo will 
send you. You may also need to establish a yahoo identity, spelled 
"cookie," so that yahoo can tell that you are a member when you try to 
access the filespace.

while I'm at it, I might as well mention that there is another list, 
protel-users-announcements, to which I recommend all Protel users 
subscribe. There is just about zero traffic on that list.

It exists so that the Users Association has a means to contact users should 
it deem this necessary. Many subscribers to the Techserv list have found it 
necessary to unsubscribe because of the volume of traffic; 
protel-users-announcements is a means to remain accessible to the user 
group without enduring the blizzard of mail.

Except for one or two administrative messages to keep the list alive, there 
has been no traffic on protel-users-announcements. It is moderated so that 
no unauthorized person can post to it.

For convenience,


I'm going to repeat this information in another post so it appears properly 
in the subject list in the archives.

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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