> At 08:47 AM 10/25/01 -0600, Jim Muehlberg wrote:
> >Though I have "permenent" checked in the via default menu, when placing
> >vias, the net name always resets to "no net".
> >
> >Is this normal behavior? or is it a bug?
> It is normal behavior. I just explained it in another post, and also how
> conveniently and quickly assign the correct net to vias. They are "no-net"
> while they are floating, but take on the net of any primitive to which
> short when they are placed, if there are no shorts created.
> This is far more useful than being able to make a default net for vias,
> there are workarounds for the latter, i.e, for making a lot of vias with
> the same net. A piece of track with the right net could cause a whole row
> of vias placed or copied onto it to take on its net. Or put down a fill,
> assign it to the net you want, and then put vias down. Then delete the
> fill. Once the vias have the right net, you can move them wherever you
> Abdulrahman Lomax

Those are good suggestions (and an example of the sort of thing you learn,
from experience, after using Protel for long enough).

Another ability of Protel is to paste from its clip-board while retaining
the net properties of each pasted primitive (which would otherwise be set to
whichever net each of the pasted primitives comes in contact with, or
otherwise to "no net"). That can be accomplished by selecting the
"Edit/Paste Special..." command (from the default PCB Server's menu); after
the "Paste Special" dialog box is subsequently invoked, check the "Keep net
name" checkbox.

Alternatively, a resource (menu entry, shortcut key, or toolbar button) can
be set up in which the Process invoked is Pcb:Paste, and parameters as below
are specified:

Mode=Special | KeepNetName=True

(The | character is used as a parameter separator.)

As one example, if the clipboard contains a via with its net property set to
GND, all vias created from using that form of the Paste command will have
their net property set to GND as well (and regardless of *where* they are

I've said it before, but not for a while: being able to customise menus,
toolbars, and (with certain qualifications) shortcut keys is one of the big
pluses of the Protel package.

Geoff Harland.
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