The Protel 3D stuff is useless as tits on a boar. 

For visualizing the PCB assembly, I use and recommend View3D from It's about $500. The rendering is a little slow but
it works well enough. It associates VRML models with your PCB footprints.
There are basic models included, or you can skip the model and instead
specify a height through which the component outline is extruded. You can
also create your own models (VRML authoring tools not included though many
can be had for free on the WWW). Finally when you are done you can export
the whole kaboodle to a VRML or IDF, which you can import to your mechanical
cad system.

For preview of VRML files, get SolidView The
performance is great, and the price is right (free) but I found it leaks
memory on each new file load, so you need to close and restart it

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I don't have an answer,  but I have also been wondering how this is
done.  And wondering if there is some 3D data which needs to be added

Also if it is not on the bug list already (P99SP6) The 3D viewer seems
to display several of the DB9 (and many other connectors) from the legacy
libraries "upside down".  In other words placing the component on the
top side,  it appears in the 3D viewer,  as if the component has been
populated from the bottom side,  as if the topside was the solder


FAR> I would like to use a 3D rendering of a prototype PCB for a project
proposal. The rendering displays abnormal looking components at custom
footprint locations. This is completely unacceptable
FAR> for a professional proposal. Using 99SE SP6, can anyone tell me how I
can generate realistic custom components for use in 3D renderings?

FAR> Regards,
FAR> Fred A Rupinski

FAR> PS    I submitted this question to technical support....again.

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