Hi Jeff,

I know this might be of little help, but you should seriously think about
changing PLD development tools. You got the Altera tools, so why don't you
use them? There sure is a reason for most of us Protel users, as far as I
know, not to use the PLD tools from Protel. MAX Plus is freeware, and it is
not that bad. It supports about 90% of all Altera devices, including pretty
big ones. E.g. I just do a design with an EP1K100 device, a 484 pin fpBGA,
and it's included in the free software package.


Gisbert Auge
N.A.T. GmbH

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Ok, I've finally got Protel's Altera PLD development system up and
running.  Now I'm really looking forward to some solid development
with the Altera EPM7032 device.

I configured the PLD compiler to produce PLA files, push the
"GO" button, and found another problem.  Protel's output converter
for PLA files only outputs up to 254 characters; and wouldn't
you know it, all pin names are put on the same line.  This device
has 32 inputs/outputs, so the last 12 outputs are left off the list with
the first of the those last 12 cut off in the middle. Like this:

#$ PINS  24 Input_1:37 Input_2:38 Input_3:39 Input_4:40 Output_5:2
Output_6:3 Output_7:5 Output_8:6 Output_9:8 Output_10:10 Output_11:11
Output_12:12 Output_13:13 Output_14:14 Output_15:15 Output_16:18
Output_17:19 Output_18:20 Output_19:21 Output_20:22 O

There were suppose to be another 12 names at the end.


I've done several successful designs with Protel for the 22V10.  Believe
me when I say that getting Protel PLD to work was never this hard before.

Jeff Stout
P.S.  I'll send a heads up to Protel as soon as I come to grips with the
work arounds I'm now going to have to do.

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