Thanks for the advice! I definitely plan on insisting on a Dell next
time ( I shouldn't have been so desperate for hardware to take

I plan on building a white box for my next home computer with all the
internet advice like www.directron.com, www.amd.com, www.pricewatch.com,
is should be easy to build up a system without monitor and keypad board
for around $400 (AMD processor board).

I tried to get my Dad to buy a Dell notebook for himself but he does not
like mail-order. He got a top of the line Toshiba notebook with a
service contract so he can take it back to the store if anything craps
out. We avoided Compaq like the plague! I even avoided Hewlett Packard
because I couldn't remember who they merged with.

Jeff Adolphs
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
Westerville, Ohio

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Intel Celeron is OK.
Compaq is awful.

I have at home a white box PC with a Celeron 466 - it works great.  Runs
W98se and Suse Linux 7.3 dual-boot.  I use it for digital photo
editing/printing, audio editing, jukebox, web surfing, and games.  Plays
MP3s, 3D games just fine.

I had (note the past tense) a Compaq Presario 4640, PII-266.  Awful
Slow hard disk, substandard modem, flaky video, DVD drive quit after 4
months, everything was proprietary, even the mechanical form factor.  I
replaced the DVD drive with a 40X CDROM drive and that was better.
installation CD would reformat your hard drive if you used it.  Why
they have used a standard Windows CD just like everyone else?  Maybe
figured they would make the punishment for installing the OS so heinous
no one would pirate it?  This is why I buy only white box PCs now.

I am glad you got your IPAQ running OK now.  But in the future, get your
guys to buy you good hardware to run Protel on.  You don't want to be
fighting two sources of bugs at the same time!

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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I had some real problems - but it was a bad RAM card. Now Protel 99SE
w/SP6 is running fantastic on Win2000.
Note: I do mixed analog/digital 2 layer, 4 layer boards and do not use
Autorouting or Simulation software.

Even the crappy Compaq IPAQ with Intel Celeron processor is running all
my software well. Software being: PowerCerv, AutoCAD 2000, MS Office
2000, MS Outlook, etc. RAM is 326 Meg which is more than I thought I

Jeff Adolphs
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.
Westerville, Ohio

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