been there done that, just a matter of days ago myself. Never have
found the solution for absolute certainty, largely I just ignore it. One
thing to check for in the PCB database is a duplicate net. I have quite
often found a duplicate net when I have this problem. During synchronization
the synchronizer toggles back and forth between the two nets is my theory. I
believe that I deleted the net that had the least nodes and transferred
those nodes to the other occurrence of the net.

Brad Velander.

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Today must be my day for Protel wierdness. After a marathon session of 
editing BOM info via spreadsheet, I'm not sure it's worth the bother. Takes 
almost as long to clean up after it as it would to just do all the edits 
directly in PCB. Fundamentally, this should not be an "export" operation,
rather just an alternate view of the original database.

However, that's not the point of this post. Now that I've got the schematic 
all tidied up, I'm trying to load the netlist to the PCB. Everything now 
loads cleanly, except for one pin. I can load the netlist, and then 
immediately reload the exact same netlist. All errors are resolved, and
are no macros generated the second time, as I'd expect - EXCEPT!! There is 
one pin giving me fits. Every netlist load, I get a macro "Removing U111-2 
from net A0" followed immediately by "Adding U111-2 to net A0". There is 
nothing unusual about U111, either in the schematic symbol or the PCB 
footprint - no duplicate pins or pads, and the other instance of the exact 
same schematic symbol and its corresponding exact same footprint show no 
problems. And all the rest of that particular net loads with no problem. I 
see nothing funny in the netlist file around U111 nor A0. I know about the 
problem with duplicate-named pads, where the connection will toggle back and

forth between the pads with each netlist load, but this seems not to be the 
problem here. On the theory that using a ground power object on the pin
behave differently, I even went to the other instance of this part and 
removed its ground and temporarily placed a port symbol there, but the other

part still shows no problem, while this pin gets removed and reattached
netlist load. Any hints?

Steve Hendrix

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