A lot depends on the "properties" that you have set at the time that ypu
"print" the PDF.

The weird ones are probably printing color by shading on a black and
white printer, so try setting your pparameters to "monochrome" and

You would probably do well to "print" the same schematic several
different times using different settings each time, to see which ones
you like best.

As a side note, I have found that Acrobat PDF Writers of several
different vintages (3.2, 4.0, and 5.0) seem to screw up some schematics
when there are certain types of lines present in the schematic, notably
dashed lines, where it turns all of the lines into dashed lines. This
appears to be an Adobe Acrobat Write Bug, although I have found that
removing the dashed lines fixed the problem (I have noticed this
primarily with Orcad Schematic Capture, but also with some Protel
Schematics). This problem is not always predictable, in that it may show
up on one Schematic and not the next (seems to have something to do with
interpreting the file).

JaMi Smith

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One of the Engineers came to me today with an interesting item. He
showed me
some pdf files of schematics that were generated from Protel 99SE and
that were generated from Protel 98. The pdf files generated by 99SE had
very peculiar junction dot shapes and lines that appeared to shift and
stagger. Has anyone else noticed a difference in the quality of the
generated by the two different versions?
We are using Acrobat 4.0 for writing. PDF writer and distiller.

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