Hello Everyone:

I have a few questions with regard to Protel libraries that I hope some of
you will be able to help me with. At our company we have several Protel
users, and we have constructed two library databases. We have one database
for all our company schematic symbols catergorized into seperate libraries
(ie Caps.lib, inductor.lib, IC.lib, resistor.lib, etc.). We have basically
the same Database construction for our pcb footprint libraries. In many
instances we are using generic symbols and footprints such as "np-cap" for a
non polarized capacitor symbol, and "resistor" for a standard resistor
symbol. In our footprint libraries we have generic footprints like "0603",
"1206", "SO-8" etc. By using generic symbols and footprints it requires the
schematic designer to enter all the particular information, ie value,
footprint, internal part number (we have our own part numbering system), for
each part placed in the schematic drawings. This seems to work fine, but can
be prone to error, and some have suggested that we build individual symbols
for every individaul part. This would mean every resistor value would be
represented by a unique symbol in the library with it's own unique footprint
name. This will create hundreds of symbols and footprints which are
graphically identical, and I worry that the libraries will become so huge
that they will slow down my system when I load the ddb files. Here are my
questions for you.

1. How do you set up your libraries ? Do you keep all your parts in one
master library database, or do you have several library databases for the
different part types ?

2. Do you use generic names for your symbols and footprints, or do you use
unique names for each in individual part ?

3. Do you find that as your library sizes increase your system is more taxed
and slows down ?

4. How do you regulate the creation and editing of symols and footprints ?
Do you have a librarian ? Do you set permissions on your library files?

5. Do you use the grouping function in your schematic symbol libraries, and
do you find this works effectively for you ?

6. Do you find it difficult to standarize "SOT-23" symbols and footprints,
since every manufacturer labels the pins differently ?

7. Do you hope "DXP" will be out soon ?

Thanks for your time and help in this matter.

Daniel Webster
PCB Designer
Northern Airborne Technology
Phone: 250-763-2329 ext. 225

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