Library management is one of the most difficult things to successfully
organize, in my opinion.
I have experimented with several methods and company philosophies, however I
am of the firm believe that you don't need to have a redundant graphic
symbol for each and every physical component. One of the most important
things to maintain and apply strict rules to admissions is your company part
database. We rely on the Company part number for most of the intelligence on
a part entered in the approved part list.  When your APL is complete, your
designs will be. If you can incorporate a parametric search into the APL
database, you won't get designers/engineers entering in redundant parts.
The reason you need to have a comprehensive part data repository is to link
into the Design database.  I can here all the Users in the Forum groan at
the thought of this, but thanks to Ian Wilson and his Server, I can link my
design file to an excel file in under 30 seconds.

We are currently filling the 16 available data fields in the part attributes
with the data from the repository. We include things like Min/Max temps,
Power consumption, MTBF numbers and FOOTPRINTS. This alone saves countless
errors and look-up time.  Now I must admit, it does rely on the designer to
enter the correct company part number, but we have to trust them (including
myself) to do something right.

Now the question of multi-sequenced footprint pinouts, I have found that
this has no one definitive solution. What I have done for years and promote
is using the letters of the graphic symbol ie Transistors -E=emitter,B=base,
and C=collector; FETs G, S, D; Diodes A & K.  I assume this is what you mean
by item 6 in your questions. Being that these pin identities never change in
schematic, your schematic will always be correct regardless of package. I
always leave my PCB footprints assigned with numeric pad designations, so
when the PCB netlist loads the footprint assigned it will report that
although the component is found, the pad nodes are missing. This forces me
or whomever to look up on the  datasheet (which is linked in the APL
database) to manually change the numeric pad designators to the correct
alpha characters.  While some may say this too time consuming and mundane,
since adopting this procedure, I have never had a package pinout error in
that time.

As far as schematic and PCB footprint libraries go, if you don't standardize
entries at the very least, prepare for a nightmare. I believe that a single
library manager is always the best way to maintain consistency.
And no, I am not looking forward to DXP. 


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Thanks for your time and help in this matter.

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