I am working on a database which is giving me serious trouble with Protel 
crashes. First a bit of history: This database was formed by importing 
schematics into an Access database from discrete schematic files which had 
been previously maintained under a Windows database. I've been over all of 
them, and there doesn't seem to be anything odd or out of order; they pass 
ERC and generate a netlist nicely. Intersheet connections are made via ports 
/ sheet entries.

I normally keep "Compress on closing" turned on, and I normally close all 
designs before closing Protel. Three days ago, and again last night, I closed 
everything down for the night with no ill effects. Next morning I opened the 
database and got an immediate Protel crash, eventually traced to attempting 
to open or display a specific schematic sheet (different sheet in the two 
cases). This morning, I went to the backup (EGC.Bkp), which is uncompressed 
judging from the 10M file size, vs the 1.4M file size of the main file. I 
renamed it to BackupEGC.Ddb and it opened just fine, right where I left off 
last night (except, of course, for compression). Close it with compression, 
reopen it, still just fine. Close it, rename it to EGC.Ddb, and it crashes 
when I reopen it. After several attempts and experiments, the crash seems to 
be related to opening the file named EGC.ddb. That name has worked just fine 
for at least a week. I have no directories named anything even similar.

Anybody have any hints as to how I can work reliably with this database? An 
hour or two to recover it every morning isn't going to cut the mustard. 
Unfortunately the client refuses to allow me to publish even a portion of the 
database so others can look for problems, but there's nothing in here that I 
have used more heavily before, other than new library parts (which I didn't 

Steve Hendrix

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