This must mean that XP trashes application entries in the registry when you
install it.  Bad, bad, bad...

Rob, did you upgrade to XPP from XPH, or some older version of Windows?  If
you upgraded from XPH, wow man, you have given M$ a lot of money just for
one machine.  If it's a new machine, it's not like you had a choice :-(
And some people still say there is no M$ monopoly...

I personally have drawn the line with M$ and their tyranny.  There was a
time and place for the unifying power of M$, but they have grown too big,
too arrogant, too out-of-touch.  Example:  M$ has recently threatened
impoverished public school systems with costly license audits for ALL their
machines, purchased or donated.  In this particular licensing scam, er, I
mean, scheme, M$ requires licenses for all machines, whether or not they
actually have Windows installed.  No, I'm not kidding.  M$ has essentially
given themselves the power to tax computers through this licensing scheme.

Any new machines we buy will not be getting any new M$ products later than
W2K.  Altium, you should take this into account when formulating product
plans for the future.

In general, I like M$ products.  My problem with M$ is that their products
have been getting more expensive, marginally better, and less interoperable
over time (example:  XPH won't log into network domains, 98se and W2K will).
There is no good technical reason for that.  Each new version of the OS or
Office costs more, but requires less work on their part.  It's not like they
have to throw away all the old code and rewrite it from scratch each
version!  And those price increases - it's almost like M$ thinks the
recession doesn't apply to them.

Not long ago someone posted a message on this forum that they had Protel
99SE working well on Linux under VMware.  I don't consider that a viable
alternative because you still need a Windows OS installed on a partition on
the Linux machine to use Protel.  What I want is a native version of Protel
for Linux.  That, bug fixes, and an improved autorouter might entice me to
upgrade (NOT ATS).

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

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> Did you install XP as an upgrade? Some software needs to be re-installed
> upgrading to XP. It's been months since I upgraded my home machine to XP
Pro, so
> I can't remember if Protel was one of the packages I had to re-install or
not. I
> do know MS Office needs to be re-installed after upgrading.
> Rob

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