your email popped up on my desktop just as I was coming to write a
reply to all who helped. I am back in operation, all symptoms have
disappeared. I can print, generate a BOM and annotate. Seems the problem was
related to one or more corrupt *.bpl or *.dpl files.

        Protel Tech support emailed me this morning with what turned out to
be the solution. A new procedure for a "clean" re-install. I have copied it
below, note the line stating to delete all *.bpl & *.dpl files, this is new.

July 5 2002
Protel 99SE Complete Uninstall.(New version emailed from Lori Quevedo)

Version # Protel 99SE/ Service Pack 6:
PROBLEM:  Is there a specific uninstall procedure for Protel?  I have
uninstalled and reinstalled using add and/remove programs but Protel is
still acting up.
1) Un-install Service Pack 6 for 99SE
2) Un-install 99SE
3) Delete the Design Explorer 99 SE directory 
(make sure you have no personal files or libraries stored here before you do
4) Delete the files *99SE.* from your Windows or Winnt folder
5) Also delete from the Windows or Winnt folder *.bpl and *.dpl, if they are
still remaining.
6) Re-install Protel 99 SE
a) If Win 9x then Reboot
7) Re-apply Service Pack 6
a) If Win 9x Then Reboot

Good Luck and pass this along so others are not bitten by the same issue(s).

        I also raised the issue with Tech Support about their phones, etc.,
having no indication that they were open or closed yesterday. To complicate
issues, they were also holding a company picnic Wed. afternoon with no
indication that they were "closed". So 1.5 days without Tech Support or any
indication that they were or were not there, pretty shabby. Wake up Protel

Brad Velander.

Lead PCB Designer
Norsat International Inc.
Microwave Products
Tel   (604) 292-9089 (direct line)
Fax  (604) 292-9010

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One of the ladeos here told me of a story of 'holy' RAM. The RAM passed an
intensive boot test, but still the machine was weak in the knees. We both
know Protel is a CPU hog; this pushes bandwidth requirements to the limit.
Other apps do not necessarily do this. Another hardware riddle I have hear
of is with respect to bad sector creep in HD's. Once it starts, it
propagates. The final solution is to use Partition Magic to quarantine the

As a side issue, my early experiences with a corrupt NT installation saw
overlays and associated registry washing a task taken to pruning a fruitless
tree. Nailing the disk to a factory state and starting over may be a
regretful, but final, solution.

My machine is rock solid. It's a P on the floor, W2K, 512 set up. If you
need another designer check on DDB corruption issue, I would be happy to
help out. My off-line address is below. All the best.


Fabian Hartery
Research Engineer, B. Eng (Electrical)

Guigne International Limited
63 Thorburn Road
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
tel: 709-738-4070
fax: 709-738-4093
website: www.guigne.com


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