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        I've some question about the library system of Protel in a shared evnironment.

A- It's possible to define some global library and local library for a 
project? At now I haven't find a solution...

Yes, you can connect as many libraries to your Protel station as you like. Some of 
them might be on the network, some on the local drive. Each Protel station can have 
different libraries connected. You could also have a library inside your_project.ddb.

B- How It's possible to avoid invalidity of data in a library when tow 
people modify the library at same time...

You could lock the file. That means that only one person at the time has write 
privileges to the file. We only allow write privileges to our main library to the 

        It's better there's only one person who can modifying the library in the 
work group and all the other
        modify a local library and after all they ask them to upgrading the global 

That's the way we do it, or rather, quite similar to what we do.

C- It's better we use the M$-Access database format or the Windows File 

We use Access file format for security and space saving reasons. Access file format 
takes up only a third of the drive space when compacted, compared to the Windows 

D- We have used already the M$-Access database, but some time the files 
being destroyed by Protel (we use Protel 99SE):
have you encountered the same problem? If affermative: have you reach to 
avoid this so strange trouble?

If your database gets corrupted you could do a 'Repair database'. Look into the help 
files or the book.

Thak's in advance.

You are welcome.

ing. Ferdinando Bignamini
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