you are exactly correct, the annotate facility crashes immediately
upon clicking annotate. The message points to the VCL50.bpl file. I hadn't
bothered checking the other functions that were acting up last time, just
assumed they could be gone as well.
        I had reinstalled about a week ago and it worked fine after getting
their modified clean install from Protel. However this morning it is back
and even after doing the clean install it is still there so I have to try a
few other things right now.
        After I get it running I am going to note all the pertinent details
about these *.bpl files and save a clean copy somewhere safe as Jon
suggested. That was already on my to do list. Jon, if you are reading this,
they write back to the BPL files? I thought these were just library files
similar to DLLs?

Brad Velander.

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i would stash copies of the 'clean' ones and the 'corrupted' ones and do
a binary file compare to verify that this is really going on
also note the if file dates are changing

in my experience literal file corruption is much more rare than it is

OTOH, file replacement (as in DLL hell) is relatively common

if it really is file corruption i would guess your hardware is going

what is it that goes bad after a week?
spooking stuff like the file annotation crashes you were mentioning?

also have you done a disk defragment lately?
that might move it to different disk sectors

maybe do a defrag right after zapping your protel files before the next
what a pain this must be for you!

Dennis Saputelli

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