my bit to you is:

1. Use dual digital interface video card with LCD monitors. You will be able to work 
longer ours. Apparently you will need that. You don't need many colours, so colour 
processing speed is not an issue. You want stable image and no flicker.

2. M/B with 266MHz or higher memory bus speed. QDR is a relatively new thing and 
therefore insufficiently tested. It's up to you. If it works, then you are one up.

3. ATA166 hard disk. Work localy, save on the network. Buy the time you get to SCSI 
through the PCI there are no speed benefits. SCSI on board would help, but with the 
166 MHz speed on you IDE bus, do you need SCSI? Latest IDE drives are sufficiently 

4. Protel needs number machine, so I say use dual AMD. They need lot of cooling, make 
sure you have additional fans or, if you want to go fancy, you could install solid 
state coolers or liquid cooling. They NEED more cooling.

5. Logitech optical cordless wheel ergonomic mouse. Taste the freedom.

BTW, I am right handed, so push mouse around with my right hand. Therefoere need Home, 
Page up and other keys on the left side of the K/B. Anyone seen something like that?


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Here is what I gathered so far:

#1.  Use only a consumer grade NVIDIA based GF3, or GF4.  With Protel's auto-pan 
problem, which differs from video card to video
card, I can't even be sure that the work station grade NVIDIA cards will not create 
any unforeseen auto-pan problems.

#2.  Use 'only' Win2K Professional.  The earlier M$ os's are useless & WinXP has been 
demonstrated to have some minor questionable
issues with P99SE.

#3.  Dual processors seem to run fine with Protel, and may help the system run with a 
better consistent pace.

#4.  Avoid using Postscript printers, or, if have a postscript printer which can be 
used in a HP emulated laser printer mode, it
will probably be to your advantage to run it in this mode with Protel.

#5.  Use Win2K's generic mouse driver instead of the fancy ones which come with most 
Logitech mice.

#6.  More ram, the better.  2GB with a 3GB swapfile should make the system run as 
smooth as possible.  Remember, my PCB has around
10K nets.

Any corrections?  Any additions, clear obvious items which I may have missed?

So far, I have yet to hear any real Protel speed issues comparing "dual AMD" VS "dual 
Also, if I were to go with Intel, should I go DDR, or QDR.

Remember, I did say "fastest possible Protel system".  Also, it should have the least 
possible problems.

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