I will jump in to the fire on this one to say that 99SE is completely stable
on my machine. On the P-CAD subject, I hate it's ridiculous library
management regime that requires a pristene netlist before design work can go
to the circuit board level. The number of short cuts that must be remembered
to become proficent in this package is unbearable. Like Tony, I am a one man
designer that has to emcompass all this own design support. That is where
the DDB design does not have me running all over the place to track the
proper libraries with an archived design.

When I see reports like "all was well" and then cames Protel, I kindly ask
to see a listing of software packages that have been installed, provided
that this comment it is not taken as a request for personal intrusion. I
have heard of the potential for some programs to possess memory leaks and
from writing code, I know of it's existence. So... some programs never
really shutdown ! I can't blame Altium for someone else's slop.

In a similar light, I once installed some Norton stuff. When I let it self
configure my system for maximum performance.... it trashed my system into
the dirt. Virus scan managers are yet another pox as they hide in sweet
memory locations. Since Protel is a CPU intensive package, dingling around
in the background is not appreciated by this s/w. I can make my machine
easily hang if I keep ump-deen windows open and try to click at them as fast
as can. I simply chose to let Protel do it's job first. 

The mouse problem stated here seems to be a Microsoft problem. Protel's
creation was before that time. What came first ? The car or petrol ? I
accept to get the best out of Protel I have to use compatible video cards
and mice. When an ATI card gave me a headache, I used a Matrox G550 and was
laughing again. Sighhhh.... I really hate to see whining on this list. With
no antaganism meant, if Protel is a problem, it is only logical to try a
different CAD package.

I will expect DXP to have problems that will require several service packs
to fix. I just hope that there is no cannabilizing of some advantegous
features within 99SE like global editing. This will not be found within


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