Alright... I stayed outta this until my name was mentioned. So here it

Protel has, by far, caused more problems than ANY other software I have
tryed to use in all my years as in computers! Be it freeware, shareware or a
high $ graphics package. It is simply the worst.

Just as a test I installed every bit of s'ware that I use on my home PC...
(except 99SE) for three weeks straight, not a problem one! I finally added
99SE... and like magic... blue screens of deaths, fatal exceptions and the
like were abundant. I don't care whos problem it is... I only know that I
and we have to deal with them!

Now while 99SE pays my bills... I would be very hard pressed to recommend it
(let alone D-o X-pect P-roblems) even to people I don't like!

Is it really that dificult to create a package that is not as messy as 99SE?

(for the lurkers)
As for DXP- when you get bad food AND bad service at a resturant... are you
gonna go back and ask for the same sever and order something that is more
expensive and easier to screw-up that the first meal? COME ON GUYS! Get it
right and then work on the new stuff.

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> Rob,
> Almost exactly 6 months ago, on Jan 23, you said almost the exact same
> in a reply to a post in this forum by Joel Hammer with the Subject of "Is
> this normal ???".
> In that post, as in this one, you assert that the "mouse problem" is
> primarily Microsofts, and secondarily Dells.
> On the following day, Jan 24, I myself posted a reply to that subject, in
> which I outlined my experience with the mouse problem, and in which post I
> disagreed with your assessment of the problem and assignment of
> responsibility to Microsoft and Dell.
> While there were numerous different responses to both my post, and
> responses to the original subject thread, there was not so much as a word
> response from you as to my assertations that infact the problem did not
> necessarily lie with Microsoft and / or Dell, but actually with Protel.
> I assumed that you had simply silently agreed that the problem had
> name on it.
> Apparently not.
> Might I respectfully submit that for each "seat" of Protel that i-has
> their are probably at least one thousand, if not several thousand,
> sold by Dell, and probably at least ten times that many Windows Operating
> Systems (with mouse drivers) sold.
> You attribute the problem to the fact that Dell was shipping old obsolete
> mouse drivers with their new systems.
> Just how many of those thousands upon thousands upon thousands of systems
> that Dell shipped with those old obsolete mouse drivers do you think it
> would have taken to have a problem with the mouse driver before Dell
> Technical Support would have known about it and at least had their own
> internal bug reports listing the problem within their own Technical
> department.
> I doubt that it would have taken more than one or two. I am sure that Dell
> would not have tolerated their own Technical Support personnel ignoring
> problem. I am also sure that the problem would have been resolved
> with Microsoft's help, and that Dell would have updated the driver
> immediately for all future product shipments.
> I would respectfully maintain that Dell sells far too many computer
> and has far too much money riding on their reputation, to ignore a problem
> such as this where a system totally crashes when the mouse wheel is
> It is just inconceiveable to me that Dell would continue to ship an
> mouse driver, if there was even the slightest hint that that mouse driver
> could be causing the slightest problem.
> When my company contacted Dell in July of last year, they had absolutely
> hint of any kind of a  problem with the mouse wheel mouse, or with any of
> their mouse driverrs, and never even suggested that the driver needed any
> updating.
> To me, that speaks volumes toward the apparent fact that there were
> thousands and thousands of Dell systems out there in the real world that
> never had a single problem, despite the fact that they may have an old
> obsolete mouse driver installed.
> My system, or should I say our systems (the company had 3 identical Dell
> systems), never even once had ever had a problem with any other
> except Protel, as far as the mouse was concerned.
> You have never seemed to indicate that you have ever had any problems on
> your Dell system with the mouse and the old mouse driver, with any other
> application except Protel.
> Doesn't this seem to say something to you and others in this forum.
> There is still a continual stream of reports in this forum of systems
> unstable and crashing on a regular basis, with no apparent known cause of
> apparent solution.
> Doesn't this seem to say something to you and others in this forum.
> Could it at all be possibe that Protel has just possibly implemented some
> simple mouse operations in an improper manner, and that this is causing an
> instability in many different installations with certain combinations of
> hardware and mouse and mouse driver, that is causing system crashes on a
> routine yet occasional basis right up to this very day for some people,
> that the problem doesn't get to be really ugly and obvious and lock out
> keyboard and crash consistantly unless it sees a particular version of
> driver.
> Once again, I would respectfully submit and mantain that since the Dell
> system with the obsolete mouse driver appears to run perfectly with the
> of the known world, that the problem actually does reside with Protel.
> JaMi Smith
> Please note that the current entry in the Protel Knowledge Base, item
> has not been updated since 30-July-2001, immediately after I had my
> problems and had to track things down to the Mouse wheel and the
> Intellimouse driver all by myself, and then called Protel back and read
> the riot act.
> Even after I found the problem in my system and told them what it was,
> list the "Answer" to the problem as "It appears that the problem is caused
> by the mouse driver, it may be possible to get an updated driver from the
> Microsoft web site.", which indicates to me that they really still don't
> even have a clue as to what it was, and aparently did not even think the
> problem big enough to check the Microsoft Web Site themselves for an
> driver.
> See also the related Knowledge Base item 1769 which is describing the same
> problem and has an initial log date of over 4 years ago.
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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Speaking of Protel Bugs.
> >
> >
> > > Don't you think this sentence could be true: "IT IS MICROSOFT'S MOUSE
> >
> > And Microsoft did fix the bug in the Intellimouse drivers before JaMi
> his
> > machine from Dell! The fix drive just did not ship with the Dell
> >
> > Updating the Intellimouse driver to the latest driver has fixed this bug
> on
> > every machine I know to have exhibited it. I too have a Dell 4100 and it
> > exhibited this problem until I updated the mouse driver, and I found the
> updated
> > driver was older than the Dell computer. Therefore I hold that this is a
> >
> > Rob
> >
> >
> >
> >
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