At 10:33 AM 7/31/2002 +0200, "GŁtlein, Ralf" wrote:
>As I recall, 'to bag' by word means 'to put sth. in a bag'.
>In colloquial language this may stand for 'to snap' or 'to grab',
>but in different countries there may be different flavors of
>what it may mean. 'Abandon' makes also sense esp. if the bag is
>a garbage bag ;-)
>But I may be totally off the mark, as my native language is

No, you are spot on.

The noun, I think, is the original word, a bag. This noun usually refers to 
a flexible container, such as a grocery bag, but in usage it also has 
derivative uses, such as "bag" used in slang to refer to a person's 
preferred activities. "What's your bag? I like to write about Protel."

 From this comes the action of putting a thing into a bag. So a bagger at 
the grocery store is so-called, and what she or she does is to bag groceries.

We tend to put trash into bags, so to bag a thing becomes synonymous to 
trashing it, i.e., discarding it, but "trash" is also used to refer to 
severe criticism (it would not be used for constructive criticism), hence 
the meaning of "bag" that we encountered from Mr. Wilson. He could have 
used "trash" synonymously.

We can bag Protel or we can try to improve it. It is true that, in some 
cases, bagging the program will lead to improvements, but, psychologically, 
people tend to respond better to constructive criticism than to perjorative 
denigration, and, for better or for worse, the staff at Altium is all human.

Generally, once a person has become known as one who is generally and what 
might be called abusively critical, that person may not be heard any more 
by the people who can do something about the problem as well as will be 
those who are perceived as being friendly and supportive. However, even 
open and declared enemies can often give us the most useful criticism, thus 
Altium could be advised to listen well even to the most cantankerous 
critics, but that would be advice for Altium, not for us as Protel users.

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