Aha, I see what happened now.

If you just click on the link and go to the WEB site and pick the defaults (as I did)
It will ask for your Yahoo ID.  Apparently this gives you "Web features such as polls,
photos, and the member list."

However, if you change the default to the other radio button selection (forget what 
called it now) you can get just the listserver,  and they don't ask
for a Yahoo ID,  or ask any more questions.



FAR> Phil,
FAR> This is the response I got after following Altium's instructions:

FAR> ".....................We have received your request to join the dxptechforum
FAR> group hosted by Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use community service.
FAR> This request will expire in 21 days.

FAR> 1) Go to the Yahoo! Groups site by clicking on this link:

FAR> http://groups.yahoo.com/i?i=DJkUI28dmIefFfhJGFX98sNjDWI&e=rupinski%40webspan
FAR> %2Enet
FAR>   (If clicking doesn't work, "Cut" and "Paste" the line above into your
FAR>    Web browser's address bar.)

FAR> 2) REPLY to this email by clicking "Reply" and then "Send"
FAR>    in your email program

FAR> If you did not request, or do not want, a membership in the
FAR> dxptechforum group, please accept our apologies
FAR> and ignore this message.
FAR> Regards,
FAR> Yahoo! Groups Customer Care........................................."

FAR> I chose the option, "2)REPLY.....", and got confirmation a little while
FAR> later. I got no request for an ID or a password via this route. However, it
FAR> is conceivable that my name is already somewhere in the bowels of Yahoo's
FAR> (huge?) database, but, would that qualify me................?

FAR> Regards,
FAR> Fred A Rupinski

FAR> ----- Original Message -----
FAR> From: "Phillip Stevens" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
FAR> To: "Protel EDA Forum" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
FAR> Sent: Friday, August 02, 2002 2:20 PM
FAR> Subject: Re: [PEDA] DXP Forum

>> It turns out that unless you already have a yahoo groups user ID and
>> password you can use,  you end up going through the sign-up rigmarole
>> anyway...it seems to be a direct link to an indirect sigh up process.
>> Got about 1/2 way through,  and decided I'd just stay here.
>> FAR> To avoid sign-on rigmarole, I suggest using the following instruction
FAR> provided by Altium:
>> FAR> "................you can subscribe directly by sending a blank email
FAR> to:
>> FAR> Regards,
>> FAR> Fred A Rupinski

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FAR> *
FAR> ************************************************************************

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