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>It turns out that unless you already have a yahoo groups user ID and
>password you can use,  you end up going through the sign-up rigmarole
> seems to be a direct link to an indirect sigh up process.

This is not correct.

To subscribe to any yahoogroups list, send a piece of mail to 
[listname][EMAIL PROTECTED] You will receive a confirmation mail. 
Reply to that mail and you are subscribed to the list.

There is also a web link in the confirmation mail, but it is not necessary 
to use it. It is much easier and faster to just hit Reply/Send.

the address to subscribe, to repeat it, is 

There are several good reasons to take DXP issues and concerns to the DXP 
list. The main one is that questions asked there get answered by people who 
know whereof they write. The respondent might be Mr. Loughhead (is he still 
the Protel Product Manager?) or one of the programmers. Or it might be 
another DXP user somewhat familiar, by now, with the program from having 
been a Beta tester.

I have seen a number of issues raised in the PEDA list, and ensuing 
discussion, that was simply rooted in ignorance (or to put it another way, 
on documentation that is missing or has not been understood). DXP is 
*different* from 99SE, and some procedures that would be done one way in 
99SE are done differently in DXP. I'm *not* very familiar with DXP, what 
with travel and a new baby, I wasn't able to give the Beta much attention, 
but I've seen complaints here about DXP that also came up early on the DXP 
Beta list. Difference was, those complaints on that list were quickly 
answered with instructions about how to do the desired thing in DXP, the 
facility was *not* missing from the program, and not only not missing, it 
was implemented in a better way. The DXP users for the most part are active 
on that list plus Altium personnel.

So at the present time I expect I'm not going to personally participate in 
DXP discussions here. This list I consider to be for 99SE support; DXP 
issues are largely noise for 99SE users, who can, if they  wish, listen in 
on the DXP list or get DXP support there. Or even grouse about DXP. I'm 
considering DXP purchase (or, more accurately, ATS purchase) and I 
certainly plan to get my DXP information and support and impressions about 
the value of the upgrade from the DXP list, not from here.

I will say, so far, that the improvements seem to be worth the ATS price, 
certainly it is worth considering.

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